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Midstate Machine Shop Services of Des Moines is proud to announce the addition of a new state-of-the-art Chassis Dynamometer.

"Until now, race teams and car enthusiasts were forced to go out of state to have their vehicles put on a dyno," states Bill Robertson, owner of Midstate Machine. "We are excited to be able to provide this technology to the people of Iowa. It was long overdue."

A Chassis Dynamometer differs from the common engine dyno by accommodating the entire vehicle. It allows operation of the power train while the vehicle remains stationary. The chassis dyno can measure horsepower, torque, and wheel speed. It can perform diagnostic tests and can even simulate a quarter mile race track. It is a great way to test performance aftermarket enhancements.

The chassis dyno will also allow testing of adjustments or modifications done on a vehicle. It can identify areas of power loss, measure air/fuel ratio and allow the testing of different engine components (i.e. carburetor/fuel injection). Tests results are displayed on a computer screen and performance graphs can be printed out for the customer.

Dyno Technician, Jesse Robertson, son of owner Bill Robertson, explains how a Chassis Dyno works: "The vehicle is secured to the floor of the dyno room with tie down devices and the drive wheels sit on a pair of rollers. The rollers are connected to the measuring system that the dyno uses to test drive wheel output. Various devices can also be hooked up to engine components to perform specific tests. The customer then drives his "stationary" vehicle as he would on the street or race track and the performance/data is recorded on the computer."

Race teams, car clubs, repair shops, motorcyclists, ATV owners and anyone else who wants to test the performance of their vehicle will benefit from this new piece of equipment. The dyno also provides a legal alternative to street racing!

Midstate Machine Shop Services is now taking appointments. The dyno can be reserved for a singe "pull" for $50.00 or spend an entire hour testing for $125.00. Clubs and groups can reserve the dyno room for a half day. Call for rates at (515) 265-2669 or stop by Midstate Machine at 4045 Delaware in Des Moines to experience first hand the sounds and excitement of Central Iowa's first Chassis Dynamometer in operation.




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